House Cleaning Services

House cleaning in London is a very personal service. We need to cover certain cleaning standards in order to guarantee high level of satisfaction with the service you are receiving. Trust our advice how to best maintain your home and we will not mislead you.

It is very crucial for us to understand what your cleaning priorities are, therefore we ask for a specific cleaning list of exactly what your house cleaning will include.

We will advise of the approximate time it might take and then schedule the cleaning appointment at a convenient time and date for you.

We will strictly follow your list and make sure all tasks from it will be completed. We train regularly our employees in order to assure we offer the best cleaning services in London.

Why choose a cleaning service with us rather than a domestic cleaner with somebody else? There are a few differences between using house cleaning services and using an independent cleaning maid. With an individual regular cleaner of course you will get very personalised attention. There might be restrictions of the variety of services and special requests a cleaning maid will typically perform.

Other than that, a cleaning service with us will pay for cleaner’s compensation, which means that you are not liable if a cleaner is hurt in your home. And, we offer a cleaning service that is most reliable – in case your regular cleaner calls out sick , just give us a call and we will arrange a replacement for you.

What other advantages does our house cleaning services in London have? Well, It is a cash business; customers pay upon completion of the job when service is provided, so there are no accounts shared nor personal data exposed. There is no expensive equipment to buy as we can provide all equipment and detergents upon request.

Furthermore, we offer convenient ways of arranging access to the properly we clean – we can collect the key from you and start the job right away. For big cleaning jobs we offer free on site quotation, where we send a cleaning supervisor to discuss the cleaning process prior to booking the service and offer a tailor-made service according to your budget.