Deep Cleaning in N14 Southgate

Deep Cleaning service in N14 Southgate, London is perfect for those occasions when your home just needs that thorough cleaning. It is an hourly based service and our experienced cleaning staff at Cleaning Team London will arrive to your home ready to tackle any cleaning challenge you put in front of them. When they are done, your home will shine with cleanliness! One of the best things is that you don’t need to guess how much it would cost you, the prices are available upfront, just click the button below.

Here is an idea of some of the services you can include in the package: bathrooms thoroughly disinfected; kitchens completely scrubbed; sinks cleaned, disinfected and rinsed; floors swept and mopped; walls washed / where applicable /; hard to reach areas such as behind appliances and under furniture cleaned; windows cleaned (Your windows must be reachable from inside); blinds cleaned; extractor fans cleaned; inside and outside of cabinets cleaned; litter emptied; vacuum and/or wash floor; exterior and interior of appliances (oven, microwave, dishwasher, hob) cleaned (interior of refrigerator may be cleaned upon request if time allows).

Other services that you may include in the package are: window sills cleaned; skirting boards cleaned; all woodwork, doorframes cleaned; carpets vacuumed; linens changed; linens washed (upon request); vacuum under bed (if accessible); door frames cleaned; cobwebs removed; general tidy up; laundry folded and put away (if requested and time allows); thorough vacuuming of upholstered furniture; organising of clothes drawers and closets (upon request), and much more, if needed and time allows! (Please tell us when placing your order if you have added requests).

Don’t wait until spring to deep clean your home, grab the deal from Cleaning Team London! Call us now and our friendly staff will assist you to book the most appropriate package according to your needs.

About our deep cleaning in N14 Southgate, Oakwood, Arnos Grove

Southgate is located in the London Borough of Enfield although some of its areas lie on the boundaries of London Borough Barnet. It can be specifically found 8 miles north from Charing Cross. This suburb of wide roads is home to the Southgate tube station, which is a busy area because of its popular shops and restaurants. This tube station on Piccadily Line is also the nearest station for majority of the residents in the area. Other options will be to ride on the Oakwood tube station on the north and Arnos Grove tube station on the southwest. Other popular spots in the area are the Grovelands Park and Christ Church in Waterfall Road.

Oakwood is located at the northern border of London and found in the London Borough of Enfield. Bordering cities around Oakwood are Trent Park, Grange Park, World’s End, Southgate, Winchmore Hill, Cockfosters and East Barnet. The Oakwood tube station is one of the main transportation areas around the location. It is Piccaadilly Line’s London Underground station and one of the most northerly stations. You can find it just between Cockfosters station and the Southgate station. Popular areas in Oakwood include St. Thomas Parish Church, Oakwood Park and City Library.

Arnos Grove is located at the southwest corner of the London Borough of Enfield; it is just beside Haringey and Barnet. It is considered as part of the New South Gate. The Arnos Grove tube station is the major public transport in the area with an increasing number of bus routes. The newest routes it has are 298 and 382. Today, there are also a lot of new bus stops in addition to the traditional ones. London Bus routes in the area are 34, 184, 232, 251, 298, 382 and N91. Arnos Grove is served by two main stations- the Arnos Grove tube station and the New Southgate railway station.